A tip of the hat to some OR staff to kick off Patient Experience Week

In a recent letter to leaders at Tucson Medical Center, a patient shared their experience with the Operating Room staff. Excerpts from the note paint a picture of the patient’s experience from the moment they arrived:

“Esther’s greeting set the tone for what was to be the best hospital experience of my life.”

“Alison and Lori are a throwback to when nursing was a vocation instead of a job. When you combine knowledge with kindness and real compassion, that equals true professionalism.”

“I was truly amazed by the amount of compassion and kindness. Although I don’t remember everyone’s name, I do remember everyone’s kindness. I felt like a patient instead of a customer.”

As Tucson Medical Center prepares to celebrate Patient Experience Week and celebrate the people who make a difference every day for our patients and families, we caught up with the OR staff to hear firsthand about their approach to care.

  • “When I’m helping a patient and their family, it’s not about me. I always try to reflect back to them my complete interest and caring – it’s about making them feel safe.” – Jean McConnell, Volunteer
  • “When it’s quiet and I’m taking vitals, I try to take the patient’s mind off of their nervousness by asking them questions about their family. Then we just get to talking and they open up and they feel safe.” – JoAnna Latu, Pre-Op PCT
  • “Surgery is really scary, so I always try to be sensitive to that. I try to take care of the patients as if they were my mom, or my dad, I take care of them like I would my family.” – Alison Walker, PACU nurse

Through empathy, reflection, compassion and dedication the OR staff make all the difference to the patient experience.

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