We are nurses and staff at Tucson Medical Center in beautiful Southern Arizona, the only locally owned, nonprofit, community hospital in Tucson.

In Beyond the Bedside RN we share what makes us laugh and cry, what keeps us up at night, how we manage our stress, celebrate our successes and otherwise make a difference in nursing and caring for our community

To find out more about Tucson Medical Center check out the website.

To contact us please email beyondthebedsidern@gmail.com


Ashley Adams RN

Deana Amend RN

Lauree Andrews RN

Jenny Baarstad

Heather Bachman RN, Director of Patient Experience

Eric Bergstrom PharmD

Darby Conroy RN

Maggi Cota

Megan Cracovaner RN

Joyce Drozd RN

Marty Enriquez CNO

Kim Fore RN

Burke Harrison RN

Pat Ledin RN, Lean Practitioner

Nicole Ralston, Hospice RN

Jennifer Tuttle RN

Heather Williams RN, Emergency Department

Former Contributors
Elizabeth Maish

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Beyond the Bedside RN

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